City Limits, Oakland CA

With Sounding Brass and a Tinkling Cymbal

Projection mapped video-installation
TRT 00:11:46, Loop

"We must always be wary of those who with sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal preach the "ism" of appeasement. We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American eagle in order to feather their own nests. [ . . . ] The best way of dealing with the few slackers or trouble-makers in our midst is, first, to shame them by patriotic example, and if that fails, to use the sovereignty of government to save government."
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Four Freedoms Speech, 1941

Part of a suite of work influenced by FDR's 1941 State of the Union Address, Jacques Derrida's essay "On Forgiveness" and slapstick pie-throwing. I perform as a ne'er-do-well politician and schizophrenic deviant, bombarded with pies hurled by an unseen attacker. The video is projected life-sized, installed to look as if the performance is happening within an extension of the gallery itself.

Writing about the work on, Fan Mail: Ben Bigelow, by A. Will Brown (2015)

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The Four Freedoms

Maraschino cherries and juices encased in plexiglass
48 x 12 x 1 inches (each)

This form mimics a flag used by the military in response to FDR's 1941 State of the Union Address in which he outlines four ideals of a successful democracy.

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-Pigment print, 34 x 47 inches
-Site-specific lightbox installation at Berkeley Central Arts Passage, 70 x 74 inches

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